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236 Dundas St.
N6A 1H3

Phone: (519) 266-4096
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Chair Yoga - for individuals with special needs

This class is designed for those of us who are not comfortable on the floor. It explores the same ground as that in Gentle Yoga except that all the poses are done seated in a chair. Great for people who have not exercised in a while, those who have health issues, people in wheelchairs with upper body mobility, seniors, and anyone recovering from foot or knee injuries. The class will increase your circulation and bring freedom of movement into the body. We will stretch our muscles and our minds.
Viparita Karani - Legs Up The Wall

Relieve stress with the leg up the wall sequence. Viparita means "inverted", and karani means "in action". The first forty minutes of the class you will actively work your leg muscles, open up the hips, stimulate the spine. You will gently stretch the hamstrings, legs and lower back; relieve lower back pain and increase circulation.
Intro to Meditation

Practice the art of slowing down in a busy world. Learn the basic techniques & theory for beginning your meditation practice. Classes include guided, silent & walking meditations, as well as meditative movements & group discussion.
Suitable for those new to meditation & those who wish to renew their practice.
Wednesdays 5:45-6:45pm & Fridays 1-2pm
8 week session begins Oct 16th; or drop-in
Family Friendly Yoga Class

The class embraces the different needs of each family member and brings them in harmony through yoga, song, dance and story telling.
This class is catered to meet your needs. Families learn strategies that help them work together and grow stronger through the bond yoga provides.
Yoga en Espanol

Michelle ensena Hatha Flow,incorporando en sus clases meditacion activa con movimientos libres. Michelle ayuda a sus estudiantes a concentrarse en la respiracion y el movimiento. Sus clases son dinamicas y divertidas. Ella ensena con amor, paz y libertad. A traves de la Yoga Michelle se siente Feliz, consiente de si misma y disfruta la vida en su presente..
Le encanta compartir su pasion por el yoga y ayudar a sus estudiantes a mejorar la salud y sentirse bien!
Estudiantes de todos los niveles son bienvenidos.
Vengan a moverse, reir y bailar con su respiracion!
Adult Hip Hop

A high-energy class which encompasses movement that has elements of poppin', locking, insulations and breaking as well as freestyle. It give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. It’s a great workout and fun whether you’re a beginner or looking to keep training.
Kids Breaking

This is a structured and fun dance class that will also give you a workout. The program is designed to provide students with an easy step-by-step approach to learning the fundamentals of break dancing. The class has proven to enhance: coordination, motor skill development, flexibility, creativity and critical thinking, body weight strength, self-confidence, performing confidence, leadership and teamwork skills. Our talented, energetic, and friendly instructors will
have you breakdancing in no time at all.
Yoga Fusion

Open your mind and body in a flowing sequence combining the precision and efficiency of pilates with the heart-opening focus and flow of yoga. You’ll learn to mindfully align, energize and relax your body to the rhythm of your breath with a few ‘oms’ and some deep core activation. Balance strength and flexibility to calm your mind and centre your body for the rest of your day.
Bachata (coming soon)

Learn basic bachata skills including footwork, body movement, and partner work. Come by yourself or bring a friend. No experience necessary, just a desire to learn. Feel free to spread the word. Usually the first and third Monday of the month. Please call the studio to confirm.
Breath in Mvmt Class

Breath in Mvmt’s classes will offer a safe space to focus on strengthening contemporary techniques, free movement, and will include a phrase of choreography. Monday Mvmt classes are inspired from classical ballet, yoga, modern, jazz and students own free mvmt. Classes are open to all levels of experience and dance backgrounds - from beginners to advanced students we will all be learning and growing within our dance (age 14+ recommended). At times we will focus on specific concepts and be creating inspiration Breath in Mvmt to utilize for upcoming performances - opportunities to perform are also available. We believe dance is innate and is something to be shared; we encourage individuality, uniqueness and self expression to shine through our mvmt.
$10 Drop in
$30 for 4 classes
$200 for season pass
(season pass available until Nov. 10th / expires June 22nd 2015)

Monday’s 9:00pm
(excluding Dec. 22, 29th / Feb. 16th / Apr. 6th)
Goddess Yoga

A goddess of modern times is a woman who is happy, who feels beautiful and comfortable in her own body; a strong woman determined to live a passionate and exciting life. She has self-confidence and remains true to her values. She nurtures her goals and her dreams and knows that she has the power to make them real. Find your creative voice of your Goddess. We will explore the feminine power through movement, breath and just a little bit of sound. Open to everyone.
Spirit Yoga

Wind down at the end of the day and restore your spiritual wellbeing with this class designed to induce relaxation, sleep and acceptance of body and self. It offers a combination of tension-releasing stretches, gentle exercises and healing movements for both body and energy systems. The class closes with a relaxation session guiding you to your own intuition and inner resources.
Lunch Yoga

Take a yoga break and stretch, strengthen and move those tight shoulders, back and hips. Enjoy a time-out just for you where we re-invigorate, clear your mind and breathe out any stresses of the day. This all level class is the perfect opportunity to feel refreshed and rejuvenated as you head back to work or the activities of the day.
Happy Hour

Bring a friend and enjoy an uplifting and joyful hour of yoga with great music and good friends. Pay a drop-in rate for one and the two of you enjoy a class.
Breathing Excercises - $7 per session - pre-registration required

This course will introduce you to breathing exercises which have the power to heal you physically as well mentally. Pranayama exercises are suitable for all age groups including pregnant women and kids. Benefits associated with these exercises are pain release, stress relief, increase in concentration level and lowering of the anxiety levels. Pranayama exercises will also help build up your immune system and clean the toxins from your body. Practice these exercises daily for half an hour starting from five minutes for healthy living.
Kundalini Class (new session begins May 31)

Kundalini Yoga is the supreme technology to awaken awareness and unite us with infinity. It is a technology of human consciousness. Kundalini Yoga teaches us how to be healthy by strengthening the immune system and nervous systems. It calms the mind and develops intuition. Kundalini Yoga is the fastest way to establish alignment between Body Mind and Soul. Historically given only to lines of kings it has a long lineage of thousands of years. It is a royal yoga , one that is intended to suit every day life and does not require us to withdraw from the world.
Revitalize Balance and Align, Body Mind and Spirit
Kids Yoga - Please CALL to pre-register

Kids Yoga is offering the kids to be kids within the context of animated and playful yoga poses and relaxation. Mindful active play can lead kids on the path towards a calm and balanced mind, as well as help them build a strong and flexible body - tools they can use in their everyday lives. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with physical activity that's non-competitive. This class is suitable for kids over the age of 4. If your child is younger and you think will be able to participate we are willing to accommodate.
Qigong Class

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese system of energy medicine that uses specific exercises and meditations designed to cultivate physical health, energetic harmony, and mental and emotional balance. You will learn to direct the flow of Qi (energy) through your body to cleanse it of energetic toxins, build physical vitality, and release emotional blockages. Although beneficial for all individuals, Qi Gong is especially helpful for healers, therapists and spiritual practitioners of all kinds. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
Free Meditation and Talk (The last Sunday of every month)

This is a comprehensive study course to facilitate the enlightenment which already exists within you. It will focus on the four foundations of mindfulness - mindfulness of the Body, mindfulness of Feelings, mindfulness of the Mind, and mindfulness of Dhamma Categories. Learn the Dhamma the way the Buddha taught.
Ashtanga Yoga

This is a great class for any beginner, or experienced yogi looking to deepen their Ashtanga practice! You will build a foundation of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation over this 8 week program. This class is designed to allow your body to build strength and flexibility safely at your own pace, as well as learn great methods for stress control and deep relaxation. We will cover in detail specifically all the 8 limbs and how you can apply them to your practice. Yoga is a wonderful way to explore and radiate who we truly are- learn how to integrate all aspects and benefits on and off the mat! Deeply nourish and rejuvenate your body with this balancing class!
The $5 Class

Come and enjoy an hour of yoga for just $5. The teacher will accommodate each individual and modify poses to meet your skill level.
Beginner Yoga Class

A slow and gentle practice that is good for beginners, or anyone who wants to stretch and breathe in a calm environment. We mix up styles and move from floor to standing. All shapes and sizes, all levels of fitness are welcome in this class. Class concludes with about 10 minutes of relaxation.
Stroller Yoga/Yoga for the new Mom - Please call to pre-register

This is not a mom and baby class but it is geared towards those who have little ones at home. Bring your baby to the studio and we would watch her while you get an hour of relaxation and find your balance.
Beyond Beginner Bellydance Class

In this 8 week class you will build on the fundamentals of Bellydance and learn a tribal style drum solo. Absolute Beginner Class level experience required. To register:http://risingmoonbellydance.com/
Beginners Salsa Class

You will learn the fundamental footwork, turns and movements. We will cover right turns, reverse turns, male turn combinations and cross body lead with turns. Attention will be given to cross-body lead variations, right turn and reverse turn variations with emphasis on creating turnpattern combinations and styling. There will be a focus on checks, wraps, rainbows, shines, body movement and styling. We'll also introduce you to double spins and incorporate multiple spins into combinations. Combination work and styling tips are incorporated into every new pattern.
London Salsa Academy Dance Team

Salsa team is an opportunity to meet a large number of people in the salsa community. Team structure and instruction allow a dancer to grow at an accelerated pace. The team membership provide more instruction at a lower cost.
The London Salsa Academy Dance Team offers On1 Salsa on Mondays and On2 Salsa on Thursdays. There are curriculum and step syllabus which are introduced and practiced regularly. This curriculum is broken down into various levels which go from basics to harder and more complicated turn patterns. Eventually you will be tested on those levels and graded to mark your progress. Because this is a team that is slowly building... eventually the lessons will lead to Choreography. During the lessons everyone gets to learn(both men and women) on how to both lead and follow.
When you know how to do both parts… you become a much stronger dancer. Join the Salsa Team and meet the enthusiast salsa dancers of London.
Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a gentle smooth exercise that when performed properly will increase your flexibility, stability, strength and calmness of mind. The health benefits are enormous.
Morning Flow - EMAIL to register for this class

Soul Activation is a class geared at slowly transitioning the mind, body and spirit from a place of rest into a place of openness and wakefulness for a busy day . This class will guide you deeper into yourself so that you may engage your day feeling connected and inspiried by your core values and voice. It will ask you to not only engage your body, but to also listen and look into your spirit; helping you to connect with and relax into your inner self. When you leave this class you will leave connected and ready to face your day, harmonized with the active and positive core of who you are.
Intermediate Salsa

This class builds on the solid technical foundation that students have developed through the Beginners Salsa class. The fundamental techniques will be used and combined with additional core partnering components while continuing to build the students' rhythm & timing and their leading and following skills. In this class we will focus on lots of styling, body isolations and attitude, to polish your dancing. The course format is very similar to that of the Beginner class but the pace is much quicker and the variations and combinations are longer and more complex in order to prepare you for the rigors of the Salsa Team.
Absolute Beginner Bellydance Class

In this 8 week class you will learn fundamental steps including shimmies, undulations and isolations. You will also learn a short choreography. No experience necessary. To register: http://risingmoonbellydance.com/
Beginner Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is the most beautiful and satisfying dance experience that we know of, with its own exquisite and compelling music. Tango is essentially walking with a partner and to the music, and relies heavily on improvisation. In this course you will learn the basic walks, lead and follow of Argentine Tango, along with ochos, molinetes and some sacadas. A good tango dancer is one who makes you feel the music. Come join us and spend your evening learning the elegant, rhythmic and passionate Argentine Tango!
Yoga for Big Girls

This is an 8 week Yoga supportive program where you will be able to learn and practice freely in a comfortable, safe and non-judgemental environment. Classes will include gentle yoga poses, proper breathing, mindful movements and deep relaxation. This class will help you get all the benefits of yoga – confidence, strength, flexibility and inner calm, without having to worry about your size and level of fitness. Wear lose clothing and bare feet. Yoga mats and props are provided.
Advanced Hip Hop

This class is for experienced dancers at an intermediate to semi professional level who are great at picking up choreography and now want to expand their skill set into a freestyle or advanced setting. Come and learn floor tricks and the latest in urban movement.
Intermediate Hip Hop

There's a very high level of energy and it's a great opportunity to let loose, go wild, and have fun. The class starts off with a basic warm up and then right into a combo. A great class for those who feel advanced may be over their head, but feel they can pull off some moves a bit more complex than beginner.
Beginner Hip Hop

Learn the basics of hiphop and hip hop routines. Suitable to all levels, men and women! No experience necessary!
Yoga Work-Study Program

Yoga Work-Study program allows students to become more involved with the studio and its community. Work-studies maintain the studio's daily needs - keeping the studio clean and organized. The commitment is to work (1) two-hour shift per week for an entire month in exchange for a month of free yoga classes. For more information, please send an email to info@downtownlondonyoga.ca
Breakdancing open session

Freestyle & open cyphers in exchange of ideas, movements, and styles. Test out your dance moves here!!
Hatha Yoga

A yoga class great for all levels and those who are looking to work physically, and cultivate focus, breath and relaxation. This practice focuses on strengthening the body, enhancing flexibility and calming of the mind. Suitable for all levels.
Foundations Breaking Class

Students will learn foundation breaking moves and be introduced to combo creation. It focuses on the 4 elements of breaking: : top-rock, down-rock, freezes, power moves.
Yoga For Runners

Yoga for runners classes are targeted to runners and all other athletes (cyclists, swimmers, etc.) who experience muscle soreness and limited range of motion, who seek yoga primarily as a means to comfortably continue participating in their sport of choice, injury free.

If you want a strenuous yoga class with highly challenging poses that will leave you sweating buckets - these classes are NOT for you. If, on the other hand, you are tight (sometimes have trouble touching your toes, or feel sore after a long run/cycle) and know you SHOULD stretch as part of your training regimen, but rarely, if ever actually do....come and join us for a Yoga for Runners class!

Please note that this class in not included in any membership with the Downtown Yoga Holistic Centre.